Warning & Disclaimer

No lowering of threshold

The author of this book, his co-authors and advisers do not wish in any way whatsoever to encourage an impulsive, lonely and mutilating suicide. There are no studies known to them that indicate that the information provided here lowers the threshold for suicide.

Alternatives to termination of life

The conscious decision to die or to collect lethal medicines, requires someone to be still lucid: ‘mentally competent’. Only in that case can someone take the preparatory steps, in intensive consultation with close friends or relatives. Help from loved ones is essential in order to determine whether an alternative to euthanasia still exists. For instance, better medical treatment or care, psychotherapy, groups for fellow-sufferers, spiritual help or any other approaches that are forgotten in periods of low spirits.

Role of care professionals

The premise of this book is that a doctor or other care provider who knows that someone wishes to die, will try to motivate this person to undergo treatments that can make life bearable. In this area, care professionals must remain within the limits of legislation and regulations. Treatments are not permitted when someone who is in full possession of his faculties (mentally competent) refuses all forms of treatment. A doctor should respect a ban on treatment, even if he is not in agreement with the patient’s decision to terminate his life.