The Helium Method

Helium can be purchased legally in North America and in many European countries. Helium makes it possible to die quickly and painlessly in your own bed, without any illegal assistance from those around you. Your friends and relatives can be present without any risk to their health.

Helium instructionfilm by Chabot
The helium method was originally developed by NuTech (short for: New Technology for Self-Deliverance). This 15-minute film provides the most detailed and lucid presentation to date of the materials that are needed and where to get them. It describes the preparatory steps and the actions that need to be practiced beforehand. Even when you are very ill and short of breath you can remain in control of the final actions that together bring about your death.

Dr.Chabot has (with the help of technical advisors) carried out original new research on the helium method. This is described in the Dutch book “The Way Out” . An English translation will be available in 2014.

No prosecutions In the Netherlands
The Dutch Public Prosecution is reluctant to take  to court relatives who did not let a loved one die in solitude. Moral support  for a dying parent would attract massive public sympathy.

By June 2013 about 70 cases of persons who died by helium have come tothe attention of the authorities but none of the relatives present were prosecuted. For the coroner it was most essential that the person’s statement about the intention and reasons for the self-chosen death werewritten down and were  present next to the body.

Dr. Chabot advises those present at the scene to film the final actions by the deceased on a video recorder of a cell phone   as testimony that no illegal help was given.