Stopping eating & drinking (STED)

Dr Chabot has interviewed the relatives of 110 people who were very old or ill, who had died by stopping eating and drinking (STED) under palliative care. He then published all the precautions that can turn this into a dignified farewell in a book entitled ‘A hastened death by self-denial of food and drink’ (Amsterdam 2008, sold out). The content of this 50-page book will be included in the forthcoming translation of  The way Out.

A German publisher stands up.
In Germany the Publishing House Reinhardt Verlag published in 2012 a book by Chabot and Walther on stopping eating and drinking: Ausweg am Lebensende. Sterbefasten 3. Auflage 

Dutch physicians take the lead.
The Royal Dutch Medical Association (KNMG) has taken its responsibility. It has set up a committee of medical specialists and palliative nurses to draft a guideline how to deal with a patient’s wish to die by stopping eating and drinking. All aspects (communication with patient and relatives, legal aspects, palliative care, etcetera) will be discussed in this guideline which is expected to appear by the end of 2013. Dr. Chabot is a member of this committee.