Boudewijn Chabot MD PhD presents two films and two books that will be available through by august 16 2014

Together these items enable you to choose the option for a good death that you feel suits you best.

  1. The film EYEWITNESSES gives an introduction
    First 80-year old Annemarie presents three choices that can be effective and peaceful provided certain precautions are observed. Each choice is then illustrated by someone who has been involved with all the steps in decision making and performance:
    – Nel assisted her husband to die with pentobarbital;
    – Els discusses how her 76-year old aunt chose for helium;
    – Karin explains what went wrong with her father’s decision to die by Stopping Eating and Drinking (or SED) due to inadequate palliative care.
  2. When you know what the options are, those who seriously consider to use helium should see the film that shows in detail how to prepare for it: the Helium Method
  3. Those who prefer the (fully legal) SED option should read: Taking Control of Your Death by Stopping Eating and Drinking. Basic palliative care is needed and can easily be provided by your dear ones once they are informed about mouth care and other precautions.
  4. Those who prefer the medication or the helium method should read: A WAY to DIE — Methods for a Self-Chosen and Humane Death. It discusses why other options mentioned are not effective, not peaceful or involve a lonely death.